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Don't waste your valuable time searching for the answers that we provide in an easy, step-by-step format with visual and audio instruction. And we can do it in one minute!
Michael Connell

1 min read Have you ever ordered something and realized there may be some assembly required? We all expect it to some extent, but there is nothing more frustrating than getting that bright and shiny new toy that you can’t use because you aren’t sure how to put it together.

Or maybe you’ve had a piece of equipment for a while and something minor breaks. You waste hours looking for the owner’s manual that holds the answers and you just can’t find it. So you turn to the internet, where you are forced to spend hours reading technical jargon that may or may not answer your question.

Circumstances like those are why we have come up with a new, how-to video series that we hope will answer some of those questions and help you be on your way to creating the turf of your dreams. In each Minute with Mike video, we will cover topics like what to check for when your new spreader is delivered and how to put it together. We do it in simple, easy-to-understand steps with explanations and visual demonstrations so you can follow along.

Lely Turf is proud to be your partner in turfcare and we believe this is the next step to providing our customers with the tools they need to be successful. We will be adding more videos as we are able to film them, so stay tuned!

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